Public buildings

Sports centre in the former heat exchanger station


Jakub Fišer, Kristýna Bělohradská


Ondřej Teplý, Jindřich Ševčík


Ondřej Teplý


MČ Praha 11


Jan Kuděj, AI photography



Project description

The designed building is conceived as partially built into the current heat exchanger station and a rooftop extension. It is planned as a multi-purpose building integrating the following functions: – a sports centre with a wellness zone and appropriate background – medical care centre with surgeries and appropriate background – a car park covering the needed number of parking places – technical facilities – current technology areas The project is positioned into a developed, fully urbanised area; there are other buildings in the vicinity. The building adjoins a hotel on the south side; the streets around it delineate the remaining sides. There are panel houses in the surroundings and an old public amenity (a multiplex cinema and a partly renovated group of shops and services). There is a parking lot in front of the building.