Interiors, exhibitions

Exhibition Sacral Space


Jakub Fišer, Lucie Chroustová - Aulík Fišer architekti


AI photography, archiv AFARCH


17/12/2015 – 7/2/2016

Project description

The main theme of the exhibition is the effect of light in the space of modern sacral buildings. A selection of 25 chapels from all around the world is accompanied by a historical excursion on the development of architectural work dealing with this motive in modern architecture since the 1950s until today. Each building is presented as models of a unified size and worked out especially for this exhibition arranged around the perimeter of the main hall. There is an object placed in its centre whose intentionally archetypal basic shape was subjectively ´cut through´; the retained parts of the mass were then ´exploded´ following the same rhythm and located diagonally in the centre of the exhibition. The diagonal line leads visitor through the space; the niches established by shifting of the created meander are a place where – through peepholes – one can watch ten light effects on abstracted models developed from the presented built projects or describing some common principles of working with them. The overall effect of the installation is complemented by symbolically selected colours, the light design and accompanying music.