Public buildings

Klatovy Market, Tylovo nábreží


Jakub Fišer, Lucie Kirovová, Petra Coufal Skalická, Ondřej Teplý



Project description

The current form of Tylovo nábřeží (embankment) is a typical example of a town space entirely occupied by traffic. The problem is not the traffic intensity, but a stupid design of the flow that fragmented the area. A place one has no reason to visit and that is why it is just unpleasant cannot be upgraded by a few nice benches and trees. If we locate traffic only at the perimeter of the triangle as it is now, we shall establish a sort of a roundabout with parking places along its internal border and an area in its centre large enough to a accommodate any programme. The fact that the embankment is easily accessible from the centre and the town’s surroundings, that it provides good parking possibilities, and a commercial zone and a public transport stop are close to it led us to an idea to design a new market hall here with accompanying facilities. Its framework is delineated by a light space-frame pergola roofing also a small coffee shop. The area around the building is landscaped allowing other activities to take place even out of the market season.