Residential houses



Jan Aulík, Jakub Fišer


Vlastimil Dvořák


Radek Plíhal, archiv AFARCH



Project description

The plasticity of seemingly flat things, a fine game of lights and shades on planes and grating, a relative scale – a compact forest, a panel house – a slab … an important motive is the position on the edge of a group of panel houses – the elementary goal is creating architecture of buildings as a transition from a panel development to a free landscape – flats as close to the forest as possible, a forest penetrating in to the flats – large windows, wood to balconies.
The design emphasizes simple clear shapes and proportions of the whole building and details. The north façade facing the panel houses is completely flat; their articulation projecting the internal arrangement of sections and corridors materializes in shallow embossments on the basic mass’ level – an exemption are the broken and emphasised entrances to the buildings or individual sections, as the case may be. The south front is on the contrary, richer in shapes and materials, boldly moulded balconies and their accessories.
Both houses are conceived as separate units with different layouts, resting on a common base of the underground garage. Layouts of flats are oriented towards the open natural environment on the south. The four-storied buildings consists of three identical independent staircase sections, the second one comprising five stories is arranged as a corridor type with internal circulation structures running along the north façade.