Architectural competitions

Pedestrian bridge Holešovice – Karlín

Author team:

Jan Aulík, David Zalabák, Leoš Horák, Vladimít Janata / Excon,a.s.


Tugce Yilmaz, Radmila Fingerová, Miroslav Lukeš, Dalibor Gregor



Project description

We expand the basic criteria of SUBTLETY and RATIONALITY minimising the impact of the footbridge onto the city’s environment as well as its costs in a reasonable, smaller scope by adding RECREATION into a part of the bridge deck.

Due to the substantially different widths the footbridge must span, the shipping canal, and different environments and elevations of both riverbanks, and flood protection measures, we opted for the concept of TWO STRAIGHT FOOTBRIDGES of different structural and architectural principles connecting on the island.

The geometry of the longer footbridge from the Holešovice embankment is a flat arch drawbridge spanning 160 m. The shorter one from the Karlín riverbank consists of flat beams integrated into the railing. It has got four fields; the longest, fixed one spans 53 m.