workplace & retail / realization / 2021 / Bořislavka Centre
Bořislavka Centre

Bořislavka Centre

Author: Jan Aulík, Leoš Horák
Co-author: Jakub Fišer, Jakub Hemzal, Gábina Králová, David Zalabák, Alena Sedláková, Petra Coufal Skalická, Eva Mašková, Jan Dluhoš 
Cooperation: Ondřej Černý, Petra Měrková, Nebozhenko Oleksandr, Vojtěch Štamberg, Kristýna Zámostná

Developer/investor: KKCG Real Estate
Design: 2012 - 2013
Built: 2018 – 2021
Photo: BoysPlayNice

As the winners of an international architecture workshop we were invited to attend in 2012, KKCG gave us an opportunity to participate in the construction of the Bořislavka mixed-use centre. The plot was complicated; it was directly linked to the Bořislavka Metro station's vestibule. We continued a long-term development of an urban scheme that would preserve certain qualities of the public space of the historical city while allowing the existence of a powerful contemporary form. The seemingly subjective geometry of individual crystals perched on a common platform allows for a very highly effective and user-friendly internal layout of offices. The entire block structure is perfectly permeable, interacting with the platform's surroundings conveyed by a two-storey shopping arcade. In this case, a porous block responds to different scales along Evropská (avenue), offering a wide diversity of public spaces.